The Concept and Design of the CoP

he concept and practice of Social Protection
is a tool and instrument for poverty reduction and economic growth. It has rapidly gained global popularity in the last decade with many developing countries slowly embracing social protection as a strategy for fighting poverty and reducing vulnerability amongst sections of their population. Progressively, governments and development partners have in the recent years increased spending and investment in
the sector – which in turn has had significant positive effects in socio-economic development and improvements in livelihoods for targeted communities in countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Kenya, like many other countries, has boldly embraced Social Protection in its bid to fight poverty and vulnerability amongst its citizens, and as a way of promoting equity and social inclusion. The right to social security has been enshrined

in the Kenyan Constitution (2010) in Article 43 (3), and the creation of the State Department for Social Protection (SDSP) under the MEACL&SP in 2013 was a bold step to firmly establish the Social Protection sector in the country.

The Concept and Design of the Kenya CoP 2020

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